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Bonefish Cottage is only for rent in conjunction with Ocean Daze Villa during Christmas, New Years & for special occasions.

Breathtaking Views from every room in the cottage!


The large sundeck at Bonefish Cottage is a great place to relax in your Zero Gravity chair and enjoy the spectacular panoramic views, as far as the eye can see. You can keep in touch with the rest of the world, we do have high speed 4G DSL WiFi, and local phone service, as well as Roku TV.

Savannah Sound is located in the front garden (west side) at Ocean Daze Estate. The sunsets at Bonefish Cottage are spectacular!

The 12 foot elevation allows the cool, balmy breezes to blow through the cottage. During the summer months, you can make good use of the MiniSplit Aircon AC units ~ one in each room of the cottage.

Enjoy this beautiful tropical estuary in the front garden, just steps from Bonefish Cottage. Officially a MarineProtected Area since July 2020. Our 70 ft dock provides some cool shade to all of the marine life beneath ~ Sea Turtles, Mangrove Snapper, NeedleNose Fish, Puffer Fish, Barracuda, Bonefish etc., Launch the Ocean Kayak or SUP right here and fish, or just enjoy the spectacular scenery.

You can meet your Bonefish Guide right on the dock too, or take a boating excursion without having to drive anywhere.


Bonefish Cottage (additional charges will apply) 550 sq. ft., consists of 2 bedrooms and 1 separate bathroom (with shower and soaking tub). Bonefish Cottage, our newest addition, is built on pilings at a 12' elevation to provide magnificent panoramic views of Savannah Sound. This totally separate, secluded, private cottage is in the front garden, on the west side of Ocean Daze Estate. It is close to our 70' dock on Savannah Sound. This cozy cottage will accommodate up to 2 - 4 guests, in 2 bedrooms with separate bathroom.

Two unique, serene, cozy bedrooms...


The North Bedroom comprises a Queen bed, beautiful island style wood nightstand & dresser, 50" TV and large closet. 

The views of Savannah Sound from the bed are spectacular!  The South Bedroom comprises a Queen bed, and beautiful Tommy Bahama furniture. The windows reveal beautiful lush tropical gardens with Coconut Palms and views of the Savannah Sound Bonefish Flats also.

There is an open plan Island-style kitchen and main living area with a trundle/day bed. The handcrafted island kitchen, is compact, though fully equipped, with stunning water views of the Sound. Enjoy the glorious, sunsets from your very own front deck. Breathtaking views can be enjoyed from every room in the house, through the oversized glass windows and doors.

A fisherman’s dream! Descend the staircase and head straight to our 70ft dock to meet your Bonefish Guide!


Enjoy the best of both worlds ~ the powder fine, pink sand beach & Atlantic Ocean at Ocean Daze Villa, as well as the serenity of Savannah Sound Bonefish Flats and newer 70ft dock at Bonefish Cottage.

2 Bedroom, 1 Bath

2 Bedroom, 1 Bath

Sleeps four people comfortably

Panoramic Views from Every Room

Panoramic Views from Every Room

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